Artist Cellar and the gelli plate

Stencils + gelli plate = perfect combo!!
I busted out the gelli plate today with my Artist Cellar stencils and some random acrylic paints.  Good grief its addicting!!  I like to print on deli paper because of its translucency and its easy to tear for collage.
I picked one of my favorite prints I created to use today.  I used Star Flower from the Artist Cellar quilt series and pulled multiple prints on the same piece.

I used matte medium to stick the deli paper down in my new Dina Wakley Blue Journal.  The geometric design reminded me of large flowers, so I lightly sketched in petals around each 'point' of the quilt pattern.

I painted a watery navy-blueish color around the flowers, still wanting some of the patterning to show thru...but think I might've been a little heavy handed.

Once completely dry, I added rough, messy outlines in black and white, not truly adhering to the exact shape of each petal.  A blob of paint in the center and TADAH! A colorful, abstract garden.

What are your favorite stencils to use on the gelli plate?  I would love to learn some new techniques, so stop by the Artist Cellar Facebook group and share your prints with us!

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