Valentine's Fun

I have to admit,  I think Valentine's Day is a silly holiday.  I'm not much of a romantic and would rather have a second Halloween in it's place!  But I do enjoy the simplicity of its aesthetic and the whimsical nature of all the hearts in pinks and reds.
I created several Valentine's projects for different groups.  I joined an ATC swap with a fab group on FB-- Mixed Up Mixer-- who are like minded mixed-media creatives.  I only had to swap with one person, but who the hell can make only one ATC?! 😉  I used stamps from Dina Wakley & Stampotique, plus a collage element from Crowabout Studio B.

I also made some cards to send out with these bad boys.  Like I said,  I do enjoy the playful nature of the holiday and it's easy combo of elements.
Simple but cute, right?
I love watercolors but do not practice nearly enough.  After watching a tutorial by the multi-talented James Burke, I painted this little nugget.
I miss watercoloring, but seem to be stuck on an 'off- the-page' kick right now.
What is your fave medium?



Steampunk and Cahones

So I've had this little lady completed for some time, but honestly haven't had the cahones to put her 'out there' for everyone to see and judge.  Even though I'm quite pleased with her, as I was taking her picture I thought of several things I would've done differently.  I guess that's true with a lot of my work--that irritating, perfectionitis brat in my head constantly has me doubting and reevaluating.  Do you know this brat?

Anyway, enough whining & back to the goodness.  M'lady is a masonite art doll from Retro Cafe Art that was super affordable and easy to assemble.  I absolutely
L❤VE this site and their Design Team is off-the-chain (check out my list of Artists I Stalk).  I created her face using paperclay and a Sculpey mold, and glued on tiny brads (with pinchers cut off) as faux rivets on the 'legs'.  Finnabair rust pastes and waxes grunged her up nicely, and I found a cool steampunky heart (HobLob) to alter and chain beneath her torso.  A lot of the work was done for me with the embellishments, since I'm obviously not forging my own metal flowers in my living room 😉.  Just add a little bit of distressing and glue those suckers on! Wallah!

My favorite parts are her wings and face.  The crackle is so delicate and I love her amused expression.  I think I'll concentrate on all the positives of this piece and tell Bratty McBratterton to hit the road.😎

Thanks for taking the time!