Skulls and Brushes

This project is waaay out of left field for me.  Although I appreciate Southwestern art and culture,  it's usually not my first go to for inspiration. But!  I found the coolest  silicone mold on Amazon by Shoal Creek Designs & after molding it several times first in clay then resin, I had all these very detailed steer skulls with no idea what to do with them!
(The mold is kind of creepy with those bulging eye sockets!)
Enter a post from a Facebook group asking about altered paintbrushes.  I had never altered one before sooo mold + brush + paint = my beaded, feathery skull creation!
There are some things I would change, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Sorry I don't have any process photos--My blog didn't exist when I began working on this project!  Below is a close up of the skull and bead detail.  Have you ever altered a paintbrush?

Thanks for taking the time!



I decided to treat myself in 2019 with a fab learning opportunity called Wanderlust.  It's an online event of mixed-media goodness that lasts all year.  Our topic for January is Typography, and this mish-mash of colors was inspired by the lovely Athanasia Papantoniou.
I was a little out of comfort zone with this piece, ESPECIALLY leaving all the white space.  But I'm diggin' it and plan to incorporate this approach in future projects.  I used several mica powders from Lindy's  for the vibrant background and I just L❤VE the little tag and tangle of string!  The perfect finishing touch.
What techniques or styles are out of YOUR comfort zone??
Thanks for stopping by!😉


Just Do It!!

Drum Roll Please! ********* Ahhhh, my first official blog post!  I've been fiddle-farting with my new site for a couple days, but just couldn't bring myself to compose an actual "blog post".  I had too many 'what-ifs' and 'should-I's stirring up ol' Miss Perfectionitis 😳.  I decided to just start already and write a short and silly HELLO WORLD to get the ball rolling.  So... HELLO WORLD!  I hope we make lots of funky and messy mixed-media  together!  See you soon!